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Peace Project Page.

Peace Project

Robinvale Network House received funding from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (Diversity & Social Cohesion Program)2011-2012 to promote social cohesion and harmony within the community and to help the many Pacific Seasonal Workers who come to work in Robinvale under the Pacific Seasonal Workers Program to be part of that community.
Over the course of this project, we facilitated many activities including an official welcome to the Robinvale community for the Pacific Seasonal Workers July 2011 and 450 people joined in this event.
In 2014 there are approximately 90 men and women from Tonga, Kiribati, Samoa and Papua New Guinea working at the nearby Almond Plantation.

PEACE is an acronym for Pacific Engagement, Acceptance and Community Education.
Network House facilitated a range of programs in 2011 and 2012 to specifically assist the Pacific Seasonal Workers to become part of the Robinvale community when they are in Australia for the six month season.